Avril Lavigne Releases Her Greatest Hits Along With Reissues Of Her First Five Albums On 21st June

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Ahead of her upcoming headline tour, eight-time GRAMMY®-nominated diamond-certified icon Avril Lavigne's announcement of her first-ever Greatest Hits album, along with reissues of her first five albums on both black and coloured vinyl, is definitely something to look forward to. It's a fantastic opportunity for fans to collect and enjoy her music in various formats, especially for those who appreciate the unique aesthetic of vinyl records.


Greatest Hits

Due 21st June

Avril Lavigne's first-ever career-spanning collection of 20 essential pop-punk hits sounds like a must-have for any fan of her music. With iconic tracks like "Sk8ter Boi," "Complicated," and "Head Above Water," along with newer collaborations like "I'm A Mess" featuring Yungblud

Let Go

Due 21st June

"Let Go," Avril Lavigne's debut album released in June 2002, truly made a massive impact on the music scene. It's remarkable how quickly it became a sensation, with instant hits like "Complicated" and "Sk8ter Boi" dominating the charts and airwaves. The album not only showcased Avril's distinctive voice and style but also resonated with a generation, capturing the essence of teenage angst and rebellion while maintaining a catchy and relatable sound.

Under My Skin 

Due 21st June

"Under My Skin," Avril Lavigne's second studio album originally released on May 19, 2004, marked a significant evolution in her music and artistic expression. It's exciting to hear that the digital expanded edition track-list will be available on vinyl for the first time, providing fans with a fresh opportunity to experience the album in a new format. With hits like "My Happy Ending," "Take Me Away," and "Nobody's Home," "Under My Skin"

The Best Damn Thing

Due 21st June

"The Best Damn Thing," Avril Lavigne's third studio album, originally released worldwide on April 17, 2007, marked another exciting chapter in her career. With hits like "Girlfriend," "When You're Gone," and "Keep Holding On," the album showcased Avril's versatility as an artist and her ability to captivate audiences with her infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics. The addition of the digital expanded edition track list on vinyl, including five bonus tracks, offers fans an enhanced listening experience and the opportunity to explore even more of Avril's music

Goodbye Lullaby

Due 21st June

"Goodbye Lullaby," Avril Lavigne's fourth studio album originally released on March 2, 2011, marked a poignant and introspective phase in her musical journey. With hits like "What The Hell," "Push," and "Wish You Were Here," the album showcased Avril's emotional depth and maturity as a songwriter. Now, with the digital expanded edition track-list available on vinyl for the first time, including nine bonus tracks, fans have the opportunity to delve even deeper into the album's themes and explore a wider range of Avril's music

Avril Lavigne

Due 21st June

"Avril Lavigne," the fifth studio album from Avril Lavigne, originally released on November 1, 2013, showcased her continued evolution as an artist. Hits like "Hello Kitty," "Here's to Never Growing Up," and "Rock N Roll" demonstrated her ability to stay relevant while exploring new sounds and styles. Now, with the digital expanded edition track-list available on vinyl for the first time, including three bonus tracks, fans have the opportunity to rediscover the album in a fresh way

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