The Byrds - Younger Than Yesterday (MOVLP437) LP

The Byrds - Younger Than Yesterday (MOVLP437) LP

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Younger Than Yesterday is The Byrds' fourth album and was originally released in 1967. As on its predecessor, the album features elements of psychedelic rock like experimenting with new musical textures, including brass instruments and reverse tape effects. On the other hand the first country and western influences can be found on the album, being early indicators of the country rock direction the band would pursue on their later albums.

Nowadays Younger Than Yesterday is considered one of The Byrds' finest albums. This is illustrated by the fact that Rolling Stone magazineranked the album at #124 on their 2003 list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

180 gram audiophile vinyl

1. So You Want to Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star
2. Have You Seen Her Face?
3. C.T.A. -102
4. Renaissance Fair
5. Time Between
6. Everybody's Been Burned
7. Thoughts and Words
8. Mind Gardens
9. My Back Pages
10. The Girl With No Name
11. Why