The Almighty - Blood Fire & Love (SLM130P42) LP Red Vinyl

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With the album having been unavailable on vinyl for some years, old fans and new discoverers will have a chance to engage with the early, passionate drive of three Scottish school friends - lead vocalist /guitarist Ricky Warwick, drummer Stumpy Monroe, and bassist Floyd London. Having formed The Almighty along with guitarist Andy 'Tantrum' McCafferty in 1988, 'Blood, Fire & Love' was originally released in 1989, with the likes of grebo-charged rocker 'Destroyed', highway cruiser 'Power', and the haunting, desolate, orchestral title track earmarking The Almighty as a British hard rocking powerhouse. A lost classic debut? Thankfully 'lost' no more.

1. Resurrection Mutha
2. Destroyed
3. Wild & Wonderful
4. Blood, Fire & Love
5. Gift Horse
6. You've Gone Wild
7. Lay Down the Law
8. Power
9. Full Force Lovin' Machine
10. Detroit