Elliott Smith - XO (5728351) LP

Elliott Smith - XO (5728351) LP

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The fourth studio album from Elliott Smith, released in 1998, it marked Smith's first solo album on a major label.

"Smith's songwriting continues to improve, as each of the album's fourteen tracks displays his inarguable mastery of the pop song structure more clearly than ever." - Pitchfork

"the budget might have gone up, but Smith's masterful way with an understated melody and melancholic lyric remained firmly intact", calling XO "perhaps the greatest long-player Smith released; if not, it's certainly the equal of the preceding Either/Or. - BBC Music

1. Sweet Adeline
2. Tomorrow Tomorrow
3. Waltz #2 (XO)
4. Baby Britain
5. Pitseleh
6. Independence Day
7. Bled White
8. Waltz #1
9. Amity
10. Oh Well, Okay
11. Bottle Up And Explode!
12. A Question Mark
13. Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands
14. I Didn't Understand