Yusuf / Cat Stevens - King Of A Land (53886887) LP Green Vinyl

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‘King of a Land’ is an epic body of work. More than a decade in the making, its 12 new songs are full of extraordinary surprises. Unique and transportive, Yusuf’s new music, words and melodies paint a vivid picture of a world where childlike dreams are brought back into touching distance. His poetical storytelling invites the listener on a journey towards the gates of an alternative universe to that which we presently inhabit - where happy endings do happen. The album’s artwork was created by Reynolds, the award-winning children’s illustrator. As well as the ‘cover art, Peter has created illustrations for each song portraying the album’s lyrical themes that feature in the record’s accompanying booklet.

Early recording sessions for the album stretch back to 2011 at Berlin’s Hansa Studios (the setting for classic albums such as David Bowie’s ‘Low’, ‘Heroes’ and U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’). From there, recording locations moved through the years from ICP Studios in Brussels to La Fabrique in Province, South of France. Additional overdubs and 60-piece orchestra were recorded in Air and Angel studios in London. With some key work originally recorded in Yusuf’s own garage-based home studio in Dubai he calls, “Dubville”

1. Train on a Hill
2. King of a Land
3. Pagan Run
4. He is True
5. All Nights, All Days
6. Another Night in the Rain
7. Things
8. Son of Mary
9. Highness
10. The Boy Who Knew How to Climb Walls
11. How Good It Feels
12. Take the World Apart