Whiplash - Ticket To Mayhem (MOVLP3126) LP Green Vinyl

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Just one year after unleashing their debut album Power And Pain, Whiplash were back with the follow-up Ticket to Mayhem. The band had experienced a few changes in the short interim between both albums, beginning with their drummer Tony Scaglione, who joined Slayer (just briefly). But more important, vocalist/guitarist Tony Portaro and bassist Tony Bono explored a broader range of lyrical subjects, tempos, and arrangements on this second album. This album sounds somewhat cleaner, more mature and has a more professional “produced” sound. Ticket to Mayhem showed that Whiplash possessed both the chops and pedigree to hang in with all the top league thrash bands of the era.

Ticket To Mayhem is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on swamp green coloured vinyl and includes an insert.

180 gram audiophile vinyl

1. Perpetual Warfare
2. Walk The Plank
3. Last Nail In The Coffin
4. Drowning In Torment
5. The Burning Of Atlanta
6. Eternal Eyes (Last Nail In The Coffin Part 2)
7. Snake Pit
8. Spiral Of Violence
9. Respect The Dead
10. Perpetual Warfare