Volker Bertelmann & Raffael Seyfried - The Dive (MOVATM404) LP Turquoise Vinyl

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The Dive is a 2023 scuba-diving movie, starring Sophie Lowe (Medieval) and Louisa Krause (Billions), with much of the footage – underwater and topside – shot in the popular diving destination of Malta. Directed by Maximilian Erlenwein and written by Erlenwein with Joachim Heden, The Dive focuses on two sisters, Drew and May, whose dive together off the rocky shoreline is abruptly cut short when a landslide above water sends a cascade of boulders down on top of them, leaving May trapped down at 28m by the debris. With dangerously low levels of oxygen and cold temperatures, it is up to her sister to fight for her life.

The score to The Dive is composed by Volker Bertelmann & Raffael Seyfried. Bertelmann is a German composer who is also known under the name Hauschka. In 2022, he won an Academy Award and BAFTA for his work on All Quiet On The Western Front. For the soundtrack for The Dive, he teamed up with Raffael Seyfried, who previously scored the acclaimed 2018 drama series Patrick Melrose.

The Dive is available as a limited edition on turquoise coloured vinyl.

1. Only You
2. Let’s Descend To 50 Feet
3. Do You Hear That
4. I Will Find You
5. Go To The Surface
6. Breaking Into The Car
7. Ship
8. Decompression Stop
9. Are You OK
10. Breaking Into The Church
11. I Can’t Reach You Anymore
12. I Saw Something
13. Please Go Up
14. It’s Not Your Fault
15. I Hate This Song
16. Why Did You Come Back
17. Resuscitation