U.D.O. - Touchdown (8170405) 2 LP Set Silver Vinyl

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German heavy metal legends U.D.O. are back at the starting line with album #19 (!), titled „Touchdown“, which is scheduled for release on August 25th. It’s astonishing, how iconic singer Udo Dirkschneider and his band, who just celebrated two important anniversaries last year (Udo’s 70th birthday, as well as 35 years of U.D.O. band history) now already come up with such a fresh, inspired new piece of heavy art – unmistakably making clear that slowing down has never been an option for them: U.D.O. continue their triumphant success and „Touchdown“ is another impressive addition to the band’s rich legacy

1. Isolation Man
2. The Flood
3. The Double Dealer's Club
4. Fight For The Right
5. Forever Free
6. Punchline
7. Sad Man's Show
8. The Betrayer
9. Heroes Of Freedom
10. Better Start To Run
11. The Battle Understood
12. Living Hell
13. Touchdown