The Vaccines - Combat Sports LP Orange Vinyl (19075807361)-Orchard Records

The Vaccines - Combat Sports (5807351) LP

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"This record reaffirms The Vaccines as one of England's best and most consistent modern indie bands. Brilliant songwriting, great guitar hooks, catchy pop melodies and clever lyrics with the raw energy of their debut." - Claire

Following on from 2015's English Graffiti, Kingston visitors and indie-rock 'n' rollers The Vaccines are back with their fourth full length album Combat Sports. Described as a return to their roots with a brash and bold rock sound.

“It sort of builds on the musicality of ‘English Graffiti’, but I think there’s a lot more of spirit and energy from ‘What Did You Expect… We’re in the studio every day playing together, so it feels a lot more like a band again, which maybe ‘English Graffiti’ stopped slightly. I guess it replenishes some of that spirit and that energy of the first record.”

1. Put It On A T-Shirt 
2. I Can’t Quit 
3. Your Love Is My Favourite Band 
4. Surfing In The Sky 
5. Maybe (Luck Of The Draw) 
6. Young American 
7. Nightclub 
8. Out On The Street 
9. Take It Easy 
10. Someone To Lose 
11. Rolling Stones