The Undertones - Positive Touch (5388633070) LP White Vinyl

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The Undertones formed in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1975 and released their third album ‘Positive Touch’ in 1981 which peaked at #17 in the UK Charts.

The Undertones' Positive Touch marks the departure from speedy pop-punk of their first two debut albums though the songwriting remains as tight and lively with plenty of hooks that keep you listening.

The punk-derived energy is almost entirely gone, replaced by a more varied and softer instrumental palette that features new textures like piano (courtesy of Paul Carrack, then in Squeeze) recorders and brass instrumentation.

Features the lovely "Julie Ocean" which has an undercurrent of anxiety, as well as much faster tracks like the pounding opener "Fascination" and the near-paranoid "His Goodlooking Girlfriend" are downright nerve-wracking.

This reissue is an exact replica of the embossed original sleeve and has been pressed on white colour vinyl for the first time.

1. Fascination
2. Julie Ocean
3. Life's Too Easy
4. Crisis Of Mine
5. You're Welcome
6. His Goodlooking Girlfriend
7. The Positive Touch
8. When Saturday Comes
9. It's Going To Happen
10. Sigh And Explode
11. I Don't Know
12. Hannah Doot
13. Boy Wonder
14. Forever Paradise