The Stone Roses - Turns Into Stone (MOVLP628) LP

The Stone Roses - Turns Into Stone (MOVLP628) LP

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The Stone Roses were the leaders of the Britain's late eighties' Madchester scene, merging Pop, Dance and Indie Rock in a seemingly effortless manner. Their sound resonated with a number of bands that followed The Stone Roses in their footsteps: the Charlatans UK and Happy Mondays among others.

When released in 1992, Turns Into Stone functioned as a sop to Stone Roses fans expecting another smash album like their eponymous debut album from 1989. Silvertone Records released Turns Into Stone as a comprehensive collection of early Stone Roses material, hits and B-sides of exceptional quality. Includes their biggest hit "Fools Gold"!

180 gram audiophile vinyl

1. Elephant Stone
2. The Hardest Thing In The World
3. Going Down
4. Mersey Paradise
5. Standing Here
6. Where Angels Play
7. Simone
8. Fools Gold
9. What The World Is Waiting For
10. One Love
11. Somethings Burning