The Stone Roses - The Remixes (MOVLP2761) 2 LP Set

The Stone Roses - The Remixes (MOVLP2761) 2 LP Set

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The Remixes is a compilation album by The Stone Roses, which features remixes by various producers including Utah Saints and Paul Oakenfold. Various techno luminaries ply their skills reworking some of those early classic songs, and it is immediately clear that the Roses, even beyond the genius of their songs, were a preeminent dance band.

The Remixes on black vinyl includes an insert.

180 gram audiophile vinyl

1. Made Of Stone (808 State Mix)
2. I Am The Resurrection (Jon Carter Mix)
3. Fools Gold (Grooverider's Mix)
4. One Love (Utah Saint's Mix)
5. I Wanna Be Adored (Bloody Valentine Edit)
6. Fools Gold (Top Won Mix)
7. Elephant Stone (Mint Royale Remix)
8. Waterfall (12" Remix)
9. She Bangs The Drums (Elephant Remix)
10. Shoot You Down (The Soul Hooligan Remix)
11. Waterfall (Justin Robertson's Mix)
12. Elizabeth My Dear (Kinobe Remix)