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The Delfonics - The Delfonics (MOVLP2401) LP

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The Delfonics are an R&B/soul trio originally consisting of brothers William Hart, Wilbert Hart, and Randy Cain and became famous with their high-pitched, male vocal harmonies typical of the Philly Soul sound. One of their most iconic hits was "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)", released on their self-titled third album. It was the only Delfonics which reached the top 100 on the Billboard 200 charts. It is frequently called their most complete album and the highlight of their long career. Besides “Didn't I” the record brought them four hit singles during the two years after its release. The smooth grooves and intensity of the album marked their famous sound. This is a must-have for every music fan in general.

1. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
2. Funny Feeling
3. When You Get Right Down To It
4. Baby I Love You
5. Delfonics' Theme (How Could You)
6. Trying To Make A Fool Of Me
7. Down Is Up, Up Is Down
8. Over & Over
9. Think About Me
10. I Gave To You