The Byrds - Fifth Dimension (MOVLP501) LP

The Byrds - Fifth Dimension (MOVLP501) LP

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The Byrds were one of the earliest groups who could combine the best of two worlds. They caught on to the energy of the British Invasion and combined it with the lyricism & musical elements of the contemporary folk movement. Along the way they pioneered Psychedelic and Country Rock, always keeping things recognizable with their vocal harmonies accompanied by their jangly guitars.

On their third album Fifth Dimension from 1966 they started showing a more LSD-tinged side of themselves with the Psychedelic Rock of songs such as "Eight Miles High" and "I See You" and a preference for the Indian raga. One of their most pioneering albums!

180 gram audiophile vinyl

1 5D (Fifth Dimension)
2 Wild Mountain Thyme
3 Mr. Spaceman
4 I See You
5 What's Happening?!?!
6 I Come And Stand At Every Door
7 Eight Miles High
8 Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go)
9 Captain Soul
10 John Riley
11 2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song)