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Swervedriver - Mezcal Head (MOVLP1851) LP

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Swervedriver are an English alternative rock band formed in Oxford in 1989 around core members Adam Franklin and Jimmy Hartridge. Mezcal Head is their second studio album, originally released in 1993. The album includes their most successful single "Duel" which was awarded NME's Single of the Week.

The album became one of the hottest albums in 1993 and was recognized a masterpiece from start to finish of vintage dream-pop/shoegaze on AllMusic. Mezcal Head was ranked at number 265 on Spin's "The 300 Best Albums of the Past 30 Years (1985-2014)" list. Alternative Press also ranked it #39 and #90 on their "90 Greatest Albums of the 90s" and "Top 99 Albums of '85 to '95" lists respectively. Pitchfork Media Ranked the album #10 in their list of the top 50 shoegaze albums in 2016.

1. For Seeking Heat
2. Duel
3. Blowin' Cool
4. MM Abduction
5. Last Train To Satansville
6. Harry & Maggie
7. A Change Is Gonna Come
8. Girl On A Motorbike
9. Duress
10. You Find It Everywhere