Scorpions - Lovedrive (53888134) LP Clear Vinyl

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LOVEDRIVE marked the beginning of a new era in the history of the Scorpions. Guitarist Uli Jon Roth had left the band for good in 1978 after the band’s first Japan tour. The new man, Matthias Jabs, also came from Hanover and alongside him, Michael Schenker also joined the band in the studio. He contributed the solo parts on the songs "Lovedrive", "Another Piece of Meat" and "Coast To Coast". The result was a studio album with three exceptional guitarists and the music was correspondingly breathtaking. LOVEDRIVE is the first classic Scorpions work of the post-Uli Jon Roth era, and it already showed all the characteristics that were to distinguish their music for decades to come: an almost perfect mix of beautiful ballads, fantastic songwriting, hard and aggressive power riffs and powerful grooves. LOVEDRIVE features songs like "Holiday", which are still crowd favourites and part of every concert to this day. It was the first Scorpions album to reach the Top 100 of the American Billboard charts (#55).

LOVEDRIVE is now released as a 180g 1LP, pressed on transparent red vinyl.

1. Loving You Sunday Morning
2. Another Piece of Meat
3. Always Somewhere
4. Coast to Coast
5. Can't Get Enough
6. Is There Anybody There?
7. Lovedrive
8. Holiday