Saxon - Solid Ball Of Rock (BMGCAT835CD) CD

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Solid Ball of Rock is the tenth studio album from Heavy Metal stalwarts Saxon.

Seen as a return to their British metal roots , it featured tracks such as ‘Requiem (We Will Remember)’, ‘Altar of the Gods’ and ‘ Baptism of Fire’.

It was also notable for being the first to feature new bassist Nibbs Carter, who wrote five of it’s eleven tracks and co-wrote another three.

1. Solid Ball of Rock
2. Altar of the Gods
3. Requiem (We Will Remember)
4. Lights in the Sky
5. I Just Can't Get Enough
6. Baptism of Fire
7. Ain't Gonna Take It
8. I'm On Fire
9. Overture in B-Minor / Refugee
10. Bavarian Beaver
11. Crash Dive
12. Requiem (We Will Remember) (Single Version)
13. Reeperbahn Stomp