Sadus - A Vision Of Misery (MOVLP3678 LP Gold Vinyl

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A Vision of Misery is the third full-length album by Californian metal band Sadus and was originally released in 1992.

Originally a quartet, the band’s sound fuses thrash metal with death metal, featuring highly technical musicianship. They are known for the unique death growl of vocalist Darren Travis, and bassist Steve Di Giorgio mind-boggling bass licks and impossible tricks. After two albums straddling the stylistic transition between thrash and death metal, Sadus pretty much committed to the latter with this record.

A Vision of Misery epitomizes technical death metal with compositions such as “Through the Eyes of Greed,” “Machines,” and “Echoes of Forever”. For fans of Sadus’ habitually inventive arrangements and sharp dynamic shifts, there’s plenty on offer here.

A Vision of Misery is available as a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on gold coloured vinyl and includes an insert.

1. Through The Eyes Of Greed
2. Valley Of Dry Bones
3. Machines
4. Slave To Misery
5. Throwing Away The Day
6. Facelift
7. Deceptive Perceptions
8. Under The Knife
9. Echoes Of Forever