Picture This - Parked Car Conversations (19658816472) CD

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Parked Car Conversations has been named as Picture This’ most ambitious work to be released thus far. The album consists of 15 tracks written by the band over the last three years. Many of them, much like ‘Song To Myself’, illuminate an emotional depth that remained untouched on previous albums, presenting the band - particularly lyricist and singer Ryan Hennessy - at their most vulnerable. The album is a retrospective insight into Hennessy’s personal hurdles that seemed, at the time, impossible to overcome. The strength of overcoming such situations and the growth that comes from it is the focus of Parked Car Conversations.

1. Act Of Innocence
2. Get On My Love
3. The One You Call
4. Lions Den
5. Parked Car Conversations
6. Last Kiss Last’s the Longest
7. Call It Love
8. Tell My Heart
9. Song To Myself
10. Oh My Love
11. On Your Side
12. Gorgeous
13. Best Thing
14. Safely Home
15. Leftover Love