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Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Tender Prey (LPSEEDS5) LP

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Heavyweight vinyl reissue of Nick Cave's 1988 album Tender Prey

The album opens with ‘The Mercy Seat’, which has been subsequently played at almost all of the band’s live performances since 1988 and was later covered by one of Cave’s biggest influences, Johnny Cash. ‘The Mercy Seat’ was released as a single in May 1988 as a precursor to the album and ‘Deanna’ was released shortly after the album hit the streets. Cave later admitted that the album “was made at a difficult time in my life when things were spiralling out of control in a lot of areas.”

1. The Mercy Seat
2. Up Jumped the Devil
3. Deanna
4. Watching Alice
5. Mercy
6. City of Refuge
7. Slowly Goes the Night
8. Sunday's Slave
9. Sugar Sugar Sugar
10. New Morning