Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes (MOVLP779) LP

Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes (MOVLP779) LP

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Often called 'one of the defining Glam platters', Mott The Hoople's All The Young Dudes (1972) was an influential record when it came out, and continues to impress listeners to this day.

Coproduced by David Bowie, the album contains a balanced selection of well written songs by Ian Hunter and the boys. The band is on a roll, and having Bowie on board to colour in the songs with his distinctive style makes this an essential record for '70s Rock fans all over the globe.

180 gram audiophile vinyl

1. Sweet Jane
2. Momma's Little Jewel
3. All The Young Dudes
4. Sucker
5. Jerkin' Crocus
6. One Of The Boys
7. Soft Ground
8. Ready For Love/After Lights
9. Sea Diver