Metal Church - The Human Factor (MOCCD14388) CD

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“Human Factor” is the fourth album of Metal Church. You can still count on Kurdt Vanderhoof’s distinctive arrangements. Howe steal the show with his thundering snarls and prominent choruses. The title track reveals that Metal Church hasn’t settled for anything unrecognizable and the same counts for the catchier ‘Date With Poverty.” Welcome to the Ball” has its similarities in terms of in rock-fueled metal of dominating vocals and present guitars. Interestingly enough, the amount of variety between the thundering cuts like “In Due Time”, “Flee from Reality” and “The Fight Song” is limited; but still with mean-machine guitar riffs and crazy vocals. At last, Metal Church often deliver superb ballads and “In Harm’s Way” is no exception. From the serene verses to the emotionally-provocative chorus, it’s an incredible piece of work.

1. The Human Factor
2. Date With Poverty
3. The Final Word
4. In Mourning
5. In Harm’s Way
6. In Due Time
7. Agent Green
8. Flee From Reality
9. Betrayed
10. The Fight Song