Melvins - Stoner Witch (MOVLP2131) LP

Melvins - Stoner Witch (MOVLP2131) LP

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The true gods of the stoner underground music, the Melvins, released their album Stoner Witch in 1994. The album is one of their most successful releases and one where their musical capacities can be felt in the depth, powerful and experimental sounds. It melds the sound of their earlier records with some ambient and hardcore melodies. The monster anthem ƒ??Revolveƒ?� is a true masterpiece that breathes the southern rock and brings a handful of well-crafted riffs. Another epic track and one of the best recordings by the Melvins is ƒ??At the Stakeƒ?�. ƒ??Queenƒ?� is a much more radio-friendly approach, but even in this song you'll feel their traditional sound.

The Melvins can be classified as one of the most versatile bands. They recorded albums which mixed influences from blues, pop, metal, rock, grunge and doom music. Even now they're still performing and recording music like there's no time to waste.

180 gram audiophile vinyl

1. Skweetis
2. Queen
3. Sweet Willy Rollbar
4. Revolve
5. Goose Freight Train
6. Roadbull
7. At the Stake
8. Magic Pig Detective
9. Shevil
10. June Bug
11. Lividity