Marillion - Seasons End (9738484) CD

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Season’s End has had a fresh 2023 Stereo Remix by Mike Hunter, liner notes by Rich Wilson, and brand-new artwork. Originally released in 1989, Seasons End was Marillion’s fifth studio album and first with Steve Hogarth fronting the band, following the departure of former frontman Fish, spanning three singles; Hooks In You, The Uninvited Guest and Easter which all went on to chart in the UK

1. The King of Sunset Town (2023 Remix)
2. Easter (2023 Remix)
3. The Uninvited Guest (2023 Remix)
4. Seasons End (2023 Remix)
5. Holloway Girl (2023 Remix)
6. Berlin (2023 Remix)
7. After Me (2023 Remix)
8. Hooks in You (2023 Remix)
9. The Space (2023 Remix)