Marcia Griffiths - Essential Artist Collection (53887616) 2 CD Set

Marcia Griffiths - Essential Artist Collection (53887616) 2 CD Set

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Arguably the greatest female singer in the history of Jamaican music, Marcia Griffiths first made her mark the Jamaican music scene with a number of popular singles during the late Sixties, before finding international fame in 1970 alongside her long-term friend and sometime collaborator, Bob Andy.

Bob & Marcia’s uplifting reggae version of Nina Simone’s inspiring song, ‘(To Be) Young, Gifted & Black’ hit number 5 in the UK pop chart, with the single proving to be the first of two British chartbusters, with their exuberant interpretation of Pied Piper’ just missing out on a Top 10 placing the following year.

Soon after, Marcia became a member of Bob Marley’s famed backing group, the I-Threes, while also continuing to enjoy solo success with numerous Jamaican hits for a variety of record producers throughout the remainder of the Seventies and well beyond.

And it is the very best of her solo work that features on this ‘Essential Artist’ compilation, the latest release in Trojan Records’ newly launched range that showcases the work of Jamaica’s best-loved ‘foundation’ artists

CD 1
1. I’m Hurtin' Inside
2. We've Got to Get Ourselves Together
3. Peaceful Woman
4. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
5. Steppin' Out of Babylon
6. I See You, My Love
7. Sweet Brown Sugar
8. Keep the Customer Satisfied
9. It's Impossible
10. Let's Fall In Love
11. The Way I Feel About You
12. Gypsy Man
13. Give And You Get
14. Put a Little Love In Your Heart
15. Survival (Is the Game)
16. Pied Piper
17. Feel Like Jumping
18. Play Me
19. Tell Me Now
20. Your Love
21. Why There Is No Love
22. Strange World
23. Don't Let Me Down

CD 2
1. Dreamland (aka My Dream Island)
2. Sweet Bitter Love
3. Melody Life
4. I Don't Care
5. Mark My Word
6. I Just Don't Want to Be Lonely
7. Truly
8. United We Stand
9. Where Were You
10. It’s A Rockin’ Good Way
11. I've Got to Go Back Home
12. We Want To Know aka We Know
13. Where Is the Love
14. Private Number
15. Here I Am (Come and Take Me)
16. To Be Young Gifted and Black (with Bob Andy)
17. Working to the Top (My Ambition), Pt. One
18. But I Do
19. Sugar Wooga Man
20. There's No Me Without You
21. Don't Ever Leave
22. You Are Mine (with Bob Andy)
23. Lonesome Feeling
24. Band of Gold