Magnum - Magnum II (MOVLP2781) LP Transparent Vinyl

Magnum - Magnum II (MOVLP2781) LP Transparent Vinyl

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Magnum II is the eponymous second studio album by English hard rock band Magnum. Originally released in 1979, the album highlights the band's trademark harmonies and punchy instrumentals. Magnum II is a diverse record, as it features ballads and adult contemporary rock, but also hints of prog rock and heavy metal. A track like “Great Adventure” contains catchy vocals, dynamic guitar riffs and inspired keyboards, while the acoustic “Reborn” showcases a more mellow side of the band. Magnum II was produced by Ten Years After bass player Leo Lyons.

Magnum II includes two bonus tracks, “Lonesome Star” and “Everybody Needs”, and has a special 'mirror' sleeve.

180 gram audiophile vinyl

1. Great Adventure
2. Changes
3. The Battle
4. If I Could Live Forever
5. Reborn
6. So Cold The Night
7. Foolish Heart
8. Stayin' Alive
9. Firebird
10. All Of My Life
11. Lonesome Star
12. Everybody Needs