Machito And His Salsa Big Band - Machito And His Salsa Big Band 1982 (MOVLP3622) LP Blue Vinyl

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Machito and his Salsa Big Band 1982 is the Afro-Cuban salsa jazz orchestra led by Machito aka Frank Raul Grillo, who emigrated to New York City in the late 1930’s. Machito is credited to be one of the innovators fusing Jazz/Be-bop with Afro-Cuban rhythms into salsa. His 14 man and one- woman strong orchestra performs seven infectious salsa tracks, all written by Machito and recorded in 1983 at the Fendal Sound Studio’s (Holland), in a short four hours mostly one take per tune. The album won the 1983 Grammy Award in the category Best Latin Recording.

Machito and his Salsa Big Band 1982 is available as a limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies on translucent blue vinyl and contains liner notes written by Dutch saxophone artist Hans Dulfer on the back sleeve.

1. Elas de la Rumba
2. Quimbobo
2. Piniero Tenia Razon
4. Caso Perdido
5. Manicero
6. Sambia
7. Yerbero