Little Feat - Dixie Chicken (9783747) 3 LP Set

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Little Feat is the quintessential “cult” band. Started by Lowell George, 1972’s Sailin’ Shoes captures these musical rebels at one of their early peaks. The songs on Sailin’ Shoes are a masterful collage of inventive narrative, resplendent in countercultural irony and romance. Featuring the classic tracks “Willin’” (covered by Linda Rondstadt and many others), “Easy to Slip” (originally written for the Doobie Brothers) and the title track, it’s an album whose status has grown immeasurably, making it one of the most acclaimed releases of its era. With 1973’s Dixie Chicken, Little Feat found its signature sound as a band, producing a seductive, laid-back, funky record made up of what is arguably Lowell George's best-ever set of songs. With tracks that sound easy but are quite sophisticated, fans will enjoy hits like the rolling "Two Trains," the deeply soulful and funny "Fat Man in the Bathtub" and the country-funkified title track (which was covered nearly as frequently as "Willin'"). These deluxe editions include the original albums remastered and recut from the original tapes, alongside previously unreleased studio outtakes and demos, and complete unreleased live shows. It’s a treasure trove of material for their feverish fan base, and the first ever deep dive into one of the most influential bands from the 70’s Warner catalog.

LP 1 2023 Remaster
1. Dixie Chicken
2. Two Trains
3. Roll Um Easy
4. On Your Way Down
5. Kiss It Off
6. Fool Yourself
7. Walkin' All Night
8. Fat Man In The Bathtub
9. Juliette
10. Lafayette Railroad

LP 2 Hotcakes, Outtakes & Rarities
1. Two Trains - Demo
2. Fat Man In The Bathtub - Demo
3. Walkin' All Night - Alternative Version
4. Roll Um Easy - Alternate Version
5. On Your Way Down - Alternate Version
6. Eldorado Slim
7. Juliette - Alternate Version
8. Hi Roller (Ace In The Hole)
9. Dixie Chicken - Alternate Version

LP 3 Icepick Eldorado Live At Paul's Mall Boston 1st April 1973
1. Two Trains
2. Got No Shadow
3. On Your Way Down
4. Walkin' All Night
5. Fat Man In The Bathtub
6. Willin'
7. A Apolitical Blues