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Jackyl - Jackyl (MOVLP2073) LP

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Jackyl's self-titled debut album offers a good amount of '90s hair metal and southern rock. The rude and crude lyrics and fine guitar riffs and hooks are a perfect formula for their rocking outlets. It's as heavy as it sounds like and with songs like "She Loves My Cock" they're not taking a step back from what they're trying to say. Comparisons with AC/DC are easy to make, but still, it's pure fun in every way. The album has sold more than a million copies in the United States only.

1. I Stand Alone
2. Dirty Little Mind
3. Down On Me
4. When Wil It Rain
5. Redneck Punk
6. The Lumberjack
7. Reach For Me
8. Back Off Brother
9. Brain Drain
10. Just Like A Devil
11. She Loves My Cock