H.E.A.T. - Extra Force (0218764EMU) CD Due 1st September

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The ride through H.E.A.T City continues! After hymns of praise from media and fans for their latest album “Force Majeure”, Swedish heirs of 80’s Hard Rock H.E.A.T promise to deliver more of the same energy with their follow-up “Extra Force”!

The longplayer contains two unreleased studio tracks – the empowering anthem “Freedom” and the sentimental rock ballad “Will You Be”.

Last year’s most significant change to the band's line-up is the return of original singer Kenny Leckremo – “Extra Force” for the first time includes tracks previously sung by Erik Grönwall now with Kenny on vocals.

Everyone who has seen them live knows: these guys give everything on stage! The four in 2022 live recorded tracks capture the energy of their dynamic live performances.

1. Freedom
2. Will You Be
3. Rise (with Kenny)
4. One By One (with Kenny)
5. Rock Your Body (Live)
6. One By One (Live)
7. Dangerous Ground (Live)
8. Back To The Rhythm (Live)
9. Nationwide (Live) [bonus track]
10. Living On The Run (Live) [bonus track]