Gerry Rafferty - Snakes And Ladders (9637566) LP Half Speed Master

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Snakes and Ladders, Gerry Rafferty’s fourth album originally released in 1980, has been newly remastered on vinyl at half-speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, a method used to improve audio quality by cutting at half speed allowing twice as long to record the mechanical groove.

It includes "The Garden Of England" which was recorded at Beatles producer George Martin's AIR studio in Montserrat and "Johnny's Song", a remake of a song previously released by Gerry's former band Stealer's Wheels.

1. The Royal Mile
2. I Was A Boy Scout
3. Welcome To Hollywood
4. Wastin’ Away
5. Look At The Moon
6. Bring It All Home
7. The Garden Of England
8. Johnny’s Song
9. Didn’t I
10. Syncopatin’ Sandy
11. Café Le Cabotin
12. Don’t Close The Doo