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Finley Quaye - Maverick A Strike (MOVLP1050) LP

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Music On Vinyl, in cooperation with Finley Quaye and Sony Music, are proud to present the 20th anniversary edition of the legendary album Maverick A Strike.

Originally released in 1997 during the heyday of the leftfield/alternative scene, Finley Quaye's debut Maverick A Strike struck a chord with many. Fusing Dub, Reggae, Pop, Triphop and Indie, his amalgam of styles resonated throughout the music world like no other record at the time.

"Sunday Shining" and "Even After All" became instant hits and reached the UK top 20.

Maverick A Strike went gold less than three weeks after its release and led directly to Finley's BRIT Award victory for Best Male Solo Artist. The album is now certified multi-platinum. Eventually no less than three additional singles became global hits; "It's Great When We're Together", "Your Love Gets Sweeter" and "Ultra Stimulation".

180 gram audiophile vinyl

1. Ultra Stimulation
2. It's Great When We're Together
3. Sunday Shining
4. Even After All
5. Ride On And Turn The People On
6. The Way Of The Explosive
7. Your Love Gets Sweeter
8. Supreme I Preme
9. Sweet And Loving Man
10. Red Rolled And Seen
11. Falling
12. I Need A Lover
13. Maverick A Strike