Etta Marcus - The Death Of Summer & Other Promises (5828192) 0602458281927

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Limited clear pressing of Etta Marcus's The Death of Summer & Other Promises 8-track mini album, featuring 'Theatre,' ‘Snowflake Suzie’ and ‘Little Wing’ as well as the Brixton-based artist's empowering latest single 'Girls That Play.' It's a natural progression for Etta, whose music pairs the immersive storytelling of artists like Lana Del Rey and Ethel Cain with the raw vulnerability of Phoebe Bridgers, landing her a growing, cult-like following. The Death of Summer... follows her critically lauded EPs View From The Bridge and Heart-Shaped Bruise.

1. Theatre
2. Lovesick Boy Prays
3. Snowflake Suzie
4. Girls That Play
5. Skin Parade
6. Little Wing
7. Fruit Flies
8. Dog Eyes