Desmond Dekker - Double Dekker (MOVLP2483) 2 LP Set Gold Vinyl

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Desmond Dekker recorded some of his best-known songs together with his backing group the Aces. Their track “Israelites” from 1968 became one of the earliest international reggae hits. Dekker's other hits include “007 (Shanty Town)”, “It Mek” and “You Can Get It”, which are all featured on the 1973 compilation album Double Dekker. The album was produced by Leslie Kong and serves an interesting period document of the years 1969-1971, following ska as it evolved into rocksteady.

Double Dekker is available as a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on gold coloured vinyl.

1. 007 Shanty Town
2. Israelites
3. It Mek
4. You Can Get It
5. Pickney Gal
6. Peace On The Land
7. I Believe
8. Look What They're Doing To Me
9. Please Don't Bend
10. My Reward
11. Little Darling
12. Life Of Opportunity
13. When I'm Cold
14. Archie Wah Wah
15. Hippopotamus
16. Warlock
17. Licking Stick
18. What Will You Gain
19. Trample
20. The More You Live
21. Go And Tell My People
22. Reggae Recipe
23. Yakety Yak
24. Where Did It Go
25. First Time For A Long Time
26. Stop The Wedding
27. Mother Nature
28. Life Hope And Faith