Compay Segundo - Yo Vengo Aquí (9719002) LP + CD Set

Compay Segundo - Yo Vengo Aquí (9719002) LP + CD Set

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Compay Segundo was a legend of Cuban music and “Yo vengo aquí” his first album with a major distribution. Released in 1996 when Compay was 88, it features Latin music classics like “Chan Chan”, “Sarandonga”, “Yo vengo aquí”, “Macusa” or “Virgen del pino”.

Compay was the Godfather of the Son and the Cuban music and a key piece in “Buena Vista Social Club”, selling over 8 million copies and awarded in 1998 with a Grammy for Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album.
Track List

1. Chan Chan
2. Macusa
3. Orgullecida
4. Chicharrones
5. Sarandonga
6. Virgen del Pino
7. Hey Caramba
8. Sabroso
9. Ahora me da pena
10. Silencio
11. Yo vengo aquí

1. Yo Vengo Aquí
2. Sabroso
3. Chicharrones
4. Macusa
5. Ahora Me Da Pena
6. Mi Calderito
7. Silencio
8. Hey Caramba
9. Quién Te Bautizó (Vicenta)
10. Se Secó El Arroyito
11. Orgullecida
12. Clarabella
13. Sarandonga
14. Virgen Del Pino
15. Chan Cha