Chris Rea - La Passione (JBLUECD10) 2 CD + 2 DVD Box Set

Chris Rea - La Passione (JBLUECD10) 2 CD + 2 DVD Box Set

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British music legend Chris Rea releases an artist's edition of his classic album & short film concept, 'La Passione'. Recorded in 1995, 'La Passione' is a modern classic, with both contemporary and orchestral pieces sewn together by a film clip for each track and a story loosely based on dreams Chris had as a young boy growing up in the industrial North East. Originally released in 1996, this brand new version of 'La Passione' has been lovingly put together in the way it was originally envisioned by the artist - who was always unhappy with the version released due to different creative visions between him and the label. Chris commented "making 'La Passione' how it was originally intended, although difficult, has been nothing but fun. We have been able to work with all of Wolfgang Von Trips personal film archive, which has never been seen before, and shows us how motor racing life used to be. This is illustrated in the documentary DVD contained within the book. New music and visuals have been recorded to accompany the originals." Adding, "The new musical pieces were original orchestral scores that had been left out of the original and reworking 'La Passione' gave the opportunity to record them and add them into the overall package. The visuals were filmed at historic locations such as Montlhery Autodrome in South Paris featuring a 1960's Ferrari GTO and at Monza in Italy." Comprised of 2 DVDs and 2 CDs - the box set will be CD1 & CD2 - Original Music from the 1979 soundtrack album 'La Passione', re-mastered & some remixed, including 'Girl In A Sports Car', along with new tracks. DVD 1 is: Re-edited original & new short films to complement the music along with an interview with Chris between each piece. Chris refers to these video pieces as "little boys dreams" in reference to them being about what he, as a 10/11 year old, saw motor racing & in particular Ferrari and it's German driver, Wolfgang Von Trips to epitomise. Also included on DVD 1 are new pieces on the Dino and GTO Ferrari's with new soundtracks to each. DVD 2 - Documentary on Wolfgang Von Trips - the Ferrari racing driver who Chris followed as a youngster and who subsequently died racing at the Italian Grand Prix in 1961 - made up entirely of Von Trips personal cine films, never seen before in this way. There will be new Music by Chris for the documentary. All 4 discs are housed within a 70 page coffee-table book, which includes photographs and paintings from Chris Rea.

CD 1
1. Girl In A Sports Car
2. When The Grey Skies Turn To Blue
3. Only To Fly 1
4. Olive Oil
5. You Must Follow
6. Horses
7. Only To Fly 2

CD 2
1. La Passione (Theme)
2. Dov’e Il Signore?
3. Le Mans
4. Passione (Piano)
5. Dov’e Il Signore? Part 2
6. GTO
7. Dino
8. Barn Find
9. Wolfgang

DVD 1 - La Passione (Films & Interview)
DVD-2 - Wolfgang Von Trips Documentary