Cesaria Evora - Distino di Belita (MOVLP3309) LP Blue Vinyl

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The Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora was known as the “barefoot diva”, as she had a habit of going barefoot on stage. Her music is seen by many people as world music, which she sang mostly in Cape Verdean Creole, but sometimes also in Portuguese and French. 'Sodade' (Saudade) is a term that regularly comes back to the melancholic songs.

Distino Di Belita is her second studio album that was recorded with Jose da Silva. The album includes acoustic mournas and electric-coladeras. It features her popular songs "Nova Sintra" and "Distino Di Bilita".

For the first time, Distino Di Belita is available on vinyl in its entirety, as released on CD in 1990. The album is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on blue coloured vinyl and includes an insert with liner notes.

1. Bitina
2. Nova Sintra
3. Emigranti
4. Tanha
5. Salamansa
6. Odji Maguado
7. T'Imbutchode
8. Distino Di Belita
9. Nova Sintra (Version Piano Bar)
10. Pontero