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Budgie - Squawk (NP22V) LP

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Having acquired a small cult following with its first album, Budgie offered a second dose of abrasive, forceful heavy metal that, like its predecessor, drew on influences ranging from Cream to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Budgie was a band that loved contrasts -- the folk-ish qualities of "Make Me Happy" and the Beatlesque "Rolling Home Again" make hard-driving classics like "Hot as a Docker's Armpit," "Drugstore Woman," and "Rocking Man" seem all the more intense. For all its strengths, Squawk didn't turn Budgie into the well-known outfit it should have been. Budgie's followers were a devoted bunch, but unfortunately, there weren't nearly enough of them

1. Whisky River
2. Rocking Man
3. Rolling Home Again
4. Make Me Happy
5. Hot As A Docker's Armpit
6. Drugstore Woman
7. Bottled
8. Young Is A World
9. Stranded