Black Sabbath - Live Evil (BMGCAT801QLP) 4 LP Box Set

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4LP Box Set Live Evil Super Deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition:

Original Album Newly Remastered
New 40th Anniversary Remix by Wyn Davis
1982 Mob Rules Tour Replica Concert Book
40 Page Book with Photos, Artwork and Liner Notes
1982 Mob Rules Tour Replica Colour Poster

Geezer, Tony, Ronnie James Dio, and Vinny as Black Sabbath created some perennially popular rock / metal music in the years between 1980 and 2009, and performed many memorably exciting live shows, leaving fans with happy memories of a band that never delivered less than 100% on stage or on record. Live Evil is the embodiment of that legacy. Remixed by Wyn Davis and remastered for the 40th anniversary.

1. E5150
2. Neon Knights
3. N.I.B.
4. Children Of The Sea
5. Voodoo
6. Black Sabbath
7. War Pigs
8. Iron Man
9. The Mob Rules
10. Heaven And Hell
11. The Sign Of The Southern Cross / Heaven And Hell (Continued)
12. Paranoid
13. Children Of The Grave
14. Fluff
15. E5150 (40th Anniversary Remix)
16. Neon Knights (40th Anniversary Remix)
17. N.I.B. (40th Anniversary Remix)
18. Children Of The Sea (40th Anniversary Remix)
19. Voodoo (40th Anniversary Remix)
20. Black Sabbath (40th Anniversary Remix)
21. War Pigs (40th Anniversary Remix)
22. Iron Man (40th Anniversary Remix)
23. The Mob Rules (40th Anniversary Remix)
24. Heaven And Hell (40th Anniversary Remix)
25. The Sign Of The Southern Cross / Heaven And Hell (40th Anniversary Remix)
26. Paranoid (40th Anniversary Remix)
27. Children Of The Grave (40th Anniversary Remix)
28. Fluff (40th Anniversary Remix)