Bethany Costino - Natural Disaster (7250978) LP

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Natural Disaster was born out of a bit of an identity crisis. I was feeling really stagnant both in my life and in my creativity - the world around me was seemingly falling apart - and I felt like I had two choices; give up entirely or challenge myself to push through and see what was on the other side. This record is the story of a personal journey, one that led me to finding a new side of myself that I didn’t even know was there. It is a snapshot of what it’s like to allow yourself to soften, to take down some of your walls, and really lean into the magic of life.

1. Natural Disaster
2. Outta Time
3. It's Fine
4. Easy
5. A Single Day
6. In My Own City
7. For a Moment
8. Call All Angels
9. Real Life
10. Hope You're Happy Now
11. It's a Journey
12. I've Got News for You