Authority Zero - Andiamo (MOVLP3370) LP Gold Vinyl

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thority Zero is an American punk rock band from Arizona, whose style is rooted in reggae and skate punk. Andiamo is their second studio album. The album was produced by Ryan Greene (No Use for a Name, Nerf Herder) who gave the record that even-levels sound familiar to any fan of the Cali punk and hardcore canon. The album includes the single “Revolution” and a cover version of Wall of Voodoo’s “Mexican Radio”.

Rather than pretending they’re post-everything or pop-something, Andiamo basks Authority’s West Coast soul in the desert sunlight, stripping tracks like “Painted Windows” and “Revolution” to their Bad Religion and Green Day roots while spicing others with ska, reggae, and Spanish influences. Other album highlights include the rapid-fire blasts “Society’s Sequence” and “Siempre Loco”.

The band is still going strong and are touring the globe during the summer of 2023.

Andiamo is available on vinyl for the first time as a limited edition of
1000 individually numbered copies on gold coloured vinyl and includes a 4-page booklet

1. Painted Windows
2. Revolution
3. Find Your Way
4. Madman
5. Taking On The World
6. Retreat!
7. Society’s Sequence
8. A Thousand Years Of War
9. Mexican Radio
10. Chili Con Crudo
11. Solitude
12. Siempre Loco
13. PCH-82
14. Rattlin’ Bog