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Ashley Hutchings - Gone Missing (TECD423) CD

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1. Seneca Two-Step
2. I Only Wanna Dance With You
3. Welsh Girls
4. Loving In Truth
5. Kitty And Flower Symbolism
6. As You Like It
7. To Ireland I Made My Way
8. Jubilate Agno / My Cat Jeffry
9. Those Broad Shoulders
10. I Never Was In Love With Death Before
11. Brief Encounter (Film Script)
12. Brief Encounters
13. That's Not My Kind Of Love
14. Ballad in Plain D
15. Ninety Miles An Hour Down A Dead-End Street
16. Love Is Beautiful WIth You (Film Clip)
17. We Lie
18. The Broken Heart / The Triple Fool
19. You Simply Declare Your Love (Film Clip)
20. Girl From The North Country
21. Autumn Journal
22. Young Love On The Dance Floor