Duran Duran - Medazzaland (53880588) 2 LP Set Neon Pink Vinyl

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Released in 1997, Medazzaland was the final album of DURAN DURAN’s nearly 20 year run with EMI. An often-overlooked gem in the DURAN DURAN catalog, it includes the standout single “Electric Barbarella” as well as “Out Of My Mind” which was also featured in the soundtrack to the hit movie, The Saint. MEDAZZALAND features the lineup of Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon & Warren Cuccurullo. John Taylor appears on 4 tracks

1. Medazzaland
2. Big Bang Generation
3. Electric Barbarella
4. Out of My Mind
5. Who Do You Think You Are?
6. Silva Halo
7. Be My Icon
8. Buried in the Sand
9. Michael You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For
10. Midnight Sun
11. So Long Suicide
12. Undergoing Treatment