Blues Pills - Birthday (6404211) LP Due 2nd August

Blues Pills - Birthday (6404211) LP Due 2nd August

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Blues Pills unveils their fourth studio album, ”Birthday". Marked by the lead singer Elin Larsson's discovery of her pregnancy during the recordings and journey to motherhood, infusing the music with profound emotion.

Written in just a few weeks in Sweden's serene countryside and produced by Grammy-nominated Freddy Alexander, the album captures Blues Pills' raw energy and magnetic charisma in its purest and most honest form. ”Birthday” symbolizes not just musical evolution but also the deep bond between bandmates, evident in their unwavering support for Elin during this transformative time.

”With this album we truly let ourselves free, leaving all the boundaries and expectations behind to write music we love. We wanted to capture the raw and authentic feeling from when we play live on an album, yet pushing ourselves to create and write the best we’ve ever done. The singer Elin was pregnant during the recordings, and what isn’t more rock’n’roll than that? To create human life and music.”
”Birthday” is a celebration of life and music and you are invited to the party.

1. Birthday
2. Don't You Love It
3. Bad Choices
4. Top of the Sky
5. Like a Drug
6. Piggyback Ride
7. Holding Me Back
8. Somebody Better
9. Shadows
10. I Don't Wanna Get Back On That Horse Again