Wintersun - Time II (072736131478) LP Picture Disc Due 30th August

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Finally our patience will be rewarded when Finnish Wintersun’s ‘Time II’ album is revealed to the world on August, 30th by Nuclear Blast. ‘It has been quite a journey’ admits mastermind Jari Mäenpää who has been working on his expansive ‘Time’ project since early 2004. ‘I was 15 when I started making a lot of different songs and it kind of went on and on, and of course I joined Ensiferum, but besides that, I always kept doing my own music. When I left Ensiferum, I made the first debut Wintersun album and that was mainly a kind of exploring. Stars, the universe and winter atmosphere happen to be the main themes. Music-wise there are no boundaries. After that album, I wanted to start exploring more different styles with the ‘Time’ album and that expanded with more melodies from different countries, with lyrics about life and human relationships, focusing on life and death. That has always been a big theme of Wintersun: what is this thing called ‘life’ and this experience that we are all having? That fascination has been growing ever since.’

1. Fields Of Snow 
2. The Way Of The Fire 
3. One With The Shadows 
4. Ominous Clouds 
5. Storm 
6. Silver Leaves