Oceano - Living Chaos (SUM2912) LP Red & Black Ice Vinyl Due 30th August

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Following a nearly seven-year hiatus, deathcore titans Oceano erupt with full force on their highly anticipated sixth album, Living Chaos. Featuring nine earth-shattering tracks written by Adam Warren and Scott Smith, including the acclaimed single “Mass Produced,” the next chapter of Oceano expands their patented deathcore punch with brutal breakdowns and seismic atmospheres on tracks like “The Price of Pain” and “Wounds Never Healed.”

One of the most established and long running bands in the modern Deathcore scene, Oceano have attracted global acclaim and attention with their heavy touring schedule and increasingly punishing studio releases.

"The time, effort, focus, and love put into creating this evolutionary album is tethered eternally to all of our diehard fans. Everyone who believed in Oceano and has been patient for this very moment to come." - Adam Warren (Vocalist, Oceano)

1. Wasted Life
2. Mass Produced
3. Darkness Rising
4. Into The Flames
5. Wounds Never Healed
6. Interlude
7. The Price of Pain
8. Living Chaos
9. Broken Curse