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Dom Salvador, released in 1969, is a landmark album by Brazilian pianist and composer Dom Salvador. This instrumental jazz record showcases Salvador's mastery of blending Brazilian rhythms with American jazz influences. The album features a mix of samba, bossa nova, and hard bop, highlighting Salvador's innovative approach and technical prowess. Known for tracks like "Be By My Side" and "Tio Macrô," the album stands out for its vibrant, sophisticated arrangements and improvisational flair. "Dom Salvador" is celebrated for its contribution to the evolution of Brazilian jazz and remains a significant work in Salvador's extensive discography.

Dom Salvador is available as a limited edition of 500 copies on translucent magenta coloured vinyl.

1. Tio Macrô
2. Asa Branca
3. Moeda, Reza e Cor
4. Cantinflas
5. Barumba
6. Folia de Reis
7. Sambaloo
8. O Tempo Será Tua Paz
9. O Rio
10. País Tropical
11. Be By My Side
12. Cantiga por Luciana