Chappell Roan - The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess (6598333) 2 LP Set Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl Due 26th July

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Bold pop hooks, sex positivity, honest songwriting and a heavy dose of glitter make up the world of Chappell Roan, the next multi-faceted force in pop music. A technicolor celebration of self-discovery and transformation, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess tracks Chappell's cinematic journey of falling in queer love for the first time, while embracing all the messy and imperfect moments in-between. Penned by Amstutz alongside Dan Nigro (Olivia Rodrigo). Coke Bottle Clear 2LP in a gatefold jacket.

1. Femininomenon 
2. Red Wine Supernova
3. After Midnight
4. Coffee
5. Casual
6. Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl
8. My Kink Is Karma
9. Picture You
10. Kaleidoscope
11. Pink Pony Club
12. Naked In Manhattan
13. California
14. Guilty Pleasure