Just Announced To Celebrate AC/DC's 50th Anniversary 6 more reissues on Limited Edition Gold Vin

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AC/DC's 50-year reign as one of the world's greatest rock and roll bands is a monumental achievement, and Columbia/Sony Legacy's announcement to release the band's catalogue as gold-coloured vinyl LPs is an excellent way to celebrate this milestone. This limited edition collection will allow fans to revisit AC/DC's iconic music in a beautiful and collectible format.


AC/DC - Rock Or Bust

Due 21st June

The 2014 album by AC/DC that features Stevie Young on rhythm guitar is titled "Rock or Bust." This album is significant as it was the first to include Stevie Young, who joined the band to fill in for his uncle Malcolm Young, who was dealing with health issues. Stevie Young's involvement marked a new chapter for the band, continuing the legacy of the Young family in AC/DC

AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip

Due 21st June

The album issued in 2000 that saw AC/DC reunite with Angus and Malcolm’s older brother George Young on production duties for the first time in over a decade is titled "Stiff Upper Lip." This album was an important release for AC/DC, as it marked the return of George Young to the production side, contributing his experience and expertise to the band's sound.

AC/DC - Ballbreaker 

Due 21st June

The AC/DC album released in 1995 that saw the band working with producer Rick Rubin is titled "Ballbreaker." This album marked the band's full-length collaboration with Rubin, who had previously worked with AC/DC on the single "Big Gun" for the soundtrack of the movie The Last Action Hero. "Ballbreaker" features AC/DC's signature hard rock sound, with Rubin's production bringing a raw and modern edge to the album. It includes memorable tracks such as "Hard as a Rock," "Hail Caesar," and the title track "Ballbreaker," all of which showcase the band's powerful guitar riffs and dynamic performances.

AC/DC - '74 Jailbreak

Due 21st June

74 Jailbreak was first released in 1984 and features a collection of songs previously available only in their native Australia. The album contains tracks recorded in 1974 and 1976, showcasing early material from the band. The title track, "Jailbreak," is one of the standout songs and has become a classic in AC/DC's catalog.

AC/DC - If You Want Blood

Due 21st June

AC/DC's first live album, "If You Want Blood You've Got It," was released in the autumn of 1978. The album features tracks recorded at the Glasgow Apollo in Scotland earlier that same year, capturing AC/DC's electrifying live performance and showcasing the band's raw energy and power. The album includes many of AC/DC's early hits, such as "Whole Lotta Rosie," "The Jack," "Problem Child," and "Let There Be Rock." These tracks demonstrate the band's ability to deliver high-energy, hard rock performances, led by the dynamic stage presence of frontman Bon Scott and the exceptional guitar work of Angus Young.

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock

Due 21st June

The AC/DC album "Let There Be Rock." was initially released in Australia in March 1977, the album was subsequently modified for international release later that summer. This modified version included the first appearance of the now-iconic AC/DC logo, which has since become one of the most recognizable logos in music.

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